Raw Street Art – Miami Style A. Mor.

This piece is uncooked-RAW.  It has no specific form yet follows line of sight.  As a Miami Artist, this was inspired from the differences in population, variances of the culture, and just the raw talent that surrounds the city as we explore the town walls.  At the same time it holds a dark meaning as we contrast the old and the new, the possibility that chivalry is dead, and it cries out from the suffocation of the overwhelming dark forces that dominate the minds and souls of those who enable this movement which is plaguing modern men.

"Chivalry IS Dead"

“Chivalry IS Dead”

This piece measures 28″ tall by 4 feet across and is done on canvas using a variety of materials making this a true mixed media work of art. (Unframed).  Best displayed under a medium or soft light (could be colored if preferred, but looks great with white light) to accent the interesting grooves used, enhancing the effects within the work.