Exhibit Scheduled at LMNT Miami sponsored by RawArtists.Org

It’s official!

In June, works from the ‘Cube Series’ and new pieces from the artist A. Mor. will be on display at the upscale LMNT gallery in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood Design District.  Galleria @LMNT is a 3000 sq ft Art Gallery exhibiting international and local artists expressing contemporary themes in art  explored using a multi-media approach.

As a multi-functional event space, Galleria @LMNT is the perfect place for a private event with seating for up to 300. Galleria @LMNT has recently hosted several luxury fashion shows with innovative international designers and a range of events from private  parties to political, corporate, charity and networking events.
This particular event will be hosted and sponsored by RawArtists and will be a full night of Art, Film, Music and Fashion, in pure Raw style in the heart of Miami’s design district.

The event will start at 7:00 PM and will run through midnight at LMNT.  There will be a potpourri of artists, musicians, fashionistas, and film artists littering the scene- it will be an artistic beautiful mess!  $15 gets you in and rubbing elbows with the attendees and performers, as well as give you an up close seat at all the events that will take place, from photography and visual arts showcase to the fashion show at the end of the night.  Bring your best faces, you may be on the front page of the New Times or The Herald the next day,  so watch out!


Keep returning to this post for updates, or subscribe to it to be kept informed.  Pieces that will be in the show are subject to change, and all will be for sale to those who love them and will give them a space in their collection or home.

Opportunities Welcomed……


*If you would like to be included and be a part of this wonderful event, contact the author of this post, or if you would like to purchase advertising space, as this event will be attended by Miami’s elite and the art community.  It is the perfect venue to reach out to the community and put your name out there.


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