Star Wars – Empire Strikes Back – Dagoba Miniature Diorama

Star Wars Empire Strikes Back


by AMORart

Amor Art

Scene: When Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing fighter jet crashes into the swamps of Dagoba.

Characters: Obi Wan Kenobi, R2D2, Luke Skywalker, and Yoda.

AMorArt Star Wars Dagoba Diorama

Materials Used:

Caulking, Canvas, Wood, moss, glues, paints, acrylics, epoxy, wires, light hub, LED lights, led, hose, putty, newspaper, paper mache clumps, enamel, clear acrylic sealer, waterproof sealer, dry ice, CPU fan, casting cloth, water, food coloring, spray paint, branches, and of course authentic Star Wars miniature figurines.

From start to finish took 4 weeks, with minimal work done during the week to allow drying of paints, glues, and materials, and the bulk on weekends.  These are miniature figurines from the 80’s that I had and as an adult no longer play with them, so I thought it would be great to give them a permanent home on display.

Total Cost in Materials: $281.00 between Hobby Shops and Michael’s, even some restocking of common materials at Target.

IMAG2617 IMAG2623 IMAG2626 IMAG2629 IMAG2588 IMAG2595_1 IMAG2602

For information on customized dioramas like this one, contact me via this blog and let me know what you are looking to achieve and I can either build it for you or teach you how.  Fees apply.

IMAG2535 IMAG2545 IMAG2547 IMAG2548 IMAG2553 IMAG2556 IMAG2559 IMAG2563 IMAG2564 IMAG2567 IMAG2572 IMAG2575 IMAG2578 IMAG2581 IMAG2583 IMG_1104 IMG_1106 IMG_1109 IMG_1113 IMG_1117 IMG_1119 IMG_1128 IMG_1131 IMG_1165 IMG_1169


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