Cloud City Carbonite Freezing Scene: Star Wars

2015-12-04 18.50.19

This diorama was inspired by the Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, scene where Han Solo is betrayed by an old friend, Lando who strikes a deal with Vader.

You can see Luke Skywalker in the duel from that scene, as well as Boba Fett guarding the carbonite-frozen Han Solo, as well as a few Stormtroopers in this work of art.  It is representational and I was going for the feel of the movie, rather than perfect accuracy.  It is my interpretation of this iconic scene.

Materials Used: Wire spool, gap filer, epoxies, led lights, tape, paints (acrylics, spray paint), wire, metal brackets, lights, glue, first generation Micro Machine Star Wars figurines, screws, canvas, Lego parts, hobby model parts, faucet and other random parts bought at Home Depot.


Story behind this scene: The Duel on Cloud City was a lightsaber duel that took place between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, during the Galactic Civil War. The inexperienced Skywalker was ultimately outmatched against Vader and was defeated, losing his hand in the process. At the end of the battle, Vader revealed to Skywalker that he was, in fact, Luke’s own father—Anakin Skywalker.


Making his way through the catwalks and elevators of the Cloud City Core, he eventually reached the darkened Carbon-Freezing Chamber. Suddenly, the chamber became illuminated, revealing Darth Vader, standing atop a flight of steps to the walkway above. Vader taunted Skywalker, claiming that, while the Force was with him, the boy was no Jedi. Striding up to the Sith Lord, Skywalker ignited his lightsaber. Vader responded by calmly activating his own weapon, and the battle began.

Below are more pics and some of the creation in the process.  Enjoy.

For video go to my YT channel:



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