Flight of the Navigator Pet Alien, the Puckmarin

Puckmarin DIORAMA
Form: Legs and Feet.


For the feet – leather strips of different thickness were twisted to create finger-like extremities. They were then stuffed into the bottom of where ankles would be on its legs/body.  Secured with glue, three independent strips were used for each digit.


Next, plant shaping wire was wrapped tightly around the bottom and “fingers” along with more leather to shape the form of paws with a grip similar to a talon of some kind.


Finally, latex with a drop of quick dry hardener was brush-poured to begin filling in grooves and giving it a more life form feel.

This last step will be repeated until arriving at the correct thickness and shape. Not only will this allow it to be malleable, it will also make it semi mendable in the event of the need for restoration.

Be on the lookout for the next stages, coming soon.

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