Non Traditional Holiday Nativity Scene Diorama Art – Disney meets Game of Thrones meets Elvis Presley meets Star Wars.

The number one question most asked when choosing this Christmas Nativity Scene….

Why that?  

For starters, Dory is a Disney  character and thereby directly bonded to the Star Wars universes.  

Being a non traditional Nativity Scene we had to include the Three Kings this year, starting with, Kylo Ren. Come on, he is basically a king of the First Order- which brings us to The King, himself, Elvis Presley.

A king penguin joins us as the third, and brings the baby penguin because he’s a modern penguin and totally about equal gender rights.

A glorious snapshot just moments post-miraculous alternate universe birth.  Most impressive.

Mother and child first bind together in eternal bonding while the afterbirth still flows fresh.

More pics coming soon – DIY knowledge and pro tips.

These photos are #nofilter originals (only one with text has a blur effects).

Color, light, grain, all raw camera skills with a little theatrical magic.


We will say the Gator displayed excellent restraint skills [being a special Florida guest] by not eating alternate universe baby Jesus.

He only went for the after birth  but was immediately distracted by the Holy Spirit making an entrance in full leopard skin tight pants and more jewelry than the queen of England.

– Now we know where he gets that shine from…..all that bling!

I will say, the Gators handler, Chewbacca, did keep him pretty fattened up throughout the entire photo shoot with vegetarian storm troopers.  Thanks, Chewy!


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