NEW (07-19-2017) Star Wars The Last Jedi movie photos from Disney’s Behind the Scenes Look!

New Star Wars The Last Jedi photos unveiled from Disney’s Behind the Scenes Look!! Analyzed here frame by frame in stills for your enjoyment! #thelastjedi #starwarsthelastjedi NEWbJuly 19 2017! These are NOT from the teaser trailer!

A look at the new movie, Star Wars The Last Jedi (unedited and raw) some of the new creatures from the #starwarsuniverse and other glimpses that make you wonder- 

who is this kid we have never seen, what happened to #kyloren that his mask looks like he caught the migraine from hell, 

-and why is #markhamill roasting with #r2d2 by the campfire making snores in front of the #millenium falcon !?!!

Of course there are also questions answered when we see Captain #phasma return, and #carriefisher (rip) also in The Last Jedi.

First look here and please fell free to leave comments to help answer some of the unanswered questions, and let’s hear what your theories are! May the force by with you!


#disney #disneystarwars #sneakpeek #starwars8

Catch the entire glimpse into the latest leaked footage from the December 2017 Upcoming Star Wars film The Last Jedi here:

Disney D23 Expo 2017 Stars The Last Jedi Panel Sneak Preview (not the first trailer)
Photo Credits: Disney 2017, Star Wars behind the scenes at Disney’s D23 Expo.


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