About the Artist

Written by a Close Friend:

Hando, Alex, Alejando, whichever mental name stasis he is in,  was born in the town of Coconut Grove, in Miami Florida. Since birth in 1980, the constant flux of events in his life as the child of many fortunate and unfortunate events has created the chaos that at no point he signed up for.  A catalyst was the result of all the zip-zagging along his path, which catapulted him to the artist he is now.

His talents were first sighted along his yellow-bricked road by the lady who became his life-long nanny as a child, the day of his pre-school graduation ceremony.  The flash of curiosity while he walked by a shiny grand piano landed his body to the bench beneath it rather than in the seat of the graduation auditorium. With his fascination with the instrument, he took to it like a natural to everyone’s amazement.

Striking different keys as his brain, quite clearly and according to his mother and others present, was programming him with synaptic links connecting each key’s visual location and the sound it was making.  In less than 5 minutes, and with the proper position of each hand given to him by the nanny, he completely knew all the keys to transform his thought into the tune of ‘Old McDonald’s Farm’ with frightening ease.

The turbulence of constantly moving followed him through Elementary, yet his talents in the Arts were nurtured carefully by many role models, his music and art teachers, and both his parents (although divorced.).  By Middle School, his mother already had noticed that her son had a ‘knack‘ specifically for drawing.

As any good mother with her child’s best interests in mind would do, she enrolled him in a Magnet School in spite  of imminent economical and mental strain on her, which prepared him for the path of Fine Arts schools.

Accepted to New World School of the Arts in Downtown Miami after declining acceptance to D.A.S.H., another fine arts school, but, geared towards the architectural path, the young artist begins his attendance of the prestigious high school for about a year.  After his first public exhibit sponsored by the school, the young student’s artistic work quickly progressed and gained notoriety. However, during those days his life was no pleasure cruise.  The adolescent years were filled with the typical teenage angst, unstable home life, love and lost, as urges and temptations pulled him between the two conflicting religious and moral views instilled in him-yet another challenge in his life; very different people with very different views raising him.  And while the power over him of a single mother would quickly slip from her grip, troubles and unseen battles would be handed down on the developing young man.

After a couple of exhausting semesters at New World, he received several warnings from one instructor to “not draw any more cartoons or personal illustrations” which were not part of the curriculum’s focus.  Offended, rebellious, and defending his right to be a free-thinker, he becomes jaded by this constraint which is forced on him.  Under the hammer of unfair consequences, and being an artist in the blooming stage of his inner expression as both an adolescence and an artist, he decides to drop out of New World  with the reason being that it was not good enough for him, and enters the public school system by registering in Miami Beach Senior High school; a school which could also be considered “prestigious”, due to its popular location and former politician, philanthropist, entertainment, and other famous alumni like Andy Garcia, Mickey Rourke, Barbara Walters, and Stephen M. Ross, to name a few.

Over the course of his high school years he was involved in several projects such as Art In Public Places, charity work for local churches and non-profit organizations, art contests, legal city government  projects (although known to dabble in not-so-legal projects in graffiti), and worked on his personal portfolio.

He received several high recognitions such as being awarded a Silver Knights Award of Arts in 1996, acknowledgement from the City of Miami Beach mayor Seymour Gelber for Community Involvement in the Arts, and was acknowledged by the American Legion for his volunteer work with Veterans, honored among the art community, and received a partial scholarship for his accomplishments.

After high school, he immediately used the scholarship towards the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Animation.  He began working soon after for a graphic design firm in Miami Beach which he worked in for 2 years. With his typical works of arts, now Graphic & Web Design, along with an eclectic and exhausting potpourri of anti-polarized mediums, he has been growing more ever since his root beginnings.  His works have been featured in Ocean Drive magazine, put up at upscale hotels,  from 1999-2005, and used for branding, illustration, and logo in many large, private, and well-known name companies .  With a steady amount of interested parties in his work, he lived as an artist for a length of time until it began getting interrupted in the midst of constant personal life challenges.  Battered by life, at the mercy of a conformist society, and striving to overcome his own demons, Hando become just another member of society as he fell into place of the working class for an uninspiring and draining period of his life.

After a seven year hiatus from art, after his mother’s passing,  and with motivation from the people around him who knew him best, A. Mor. adopts a new signature name, and is back to painting, ready to let some of his trapped ideas breath and come out into the real world.  He since has done many murals inspired by his “graffiti years” and reflections of past works, created several series of exhibits like the “Cube: Symbols and Meanings” and “Speak, sit, heel, and rollover, Human” series, which earned him new a place of the art community in his new hometown located in Georgia.  He aspires to use his talents to become independent from a system which he refers to as, “capitalist, corrupt, and greed-infested, only interested in monetary gains for the big fish off sweat from the backs of the little fish, and controlled by the degrading opinions of corporate, tie-wearing zombie generals who “determine” what we are worth based on a number assigned to us, and not by our talent, complete contributions to humanity,  or potential.”

With ambitions to continue selling his art, and raise money to support several of his causes such as Recycling and promoting a greener Earth, Art Education, Animal rights and lives, less-fortunate people, and the sick, he continues striving to break free from the dependency of the tit of mother America.

He currently continues evolving and recently in 2016 has started a new line of work in Film, building miniature scale models and diorama, as a video playback specialist, and a competent welder creating metalworks of his artistic vision.


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