About the Artist

Born in 1980, the artist known as A. Mor. resides in Florida in the city of Miami, where he has lived all his life.  His experiences range from Artist to Sound Designer.  A technically-savvy artist, he incorporates modern technologies into his arsenal of works by using Mac and PC to create digital works in graphic design and web, aside from his talent in fine arts.

His talents were first noticed by a lady who took care of him as a child, at a pre-school graduation ceremony.  When passing by a piano he would not make it to the seating arrangement in time due to his fascination with this instrument.  Throughout Elementary his talents in the Arts were nurtured by joining music and art clubs.  By the time Middle School came around, his mother already had noticed that her son had a ‘knack’ for drawing, and enrolled him in a Magnet School which prepares him for Fine Arts schools.

Accepted to New World School of the Arts in Downtown Miami after declining acceptance to D.A.S.H., the young artist attends the prestigious high school for just one semester.  After an exhibit of his art at the school, the young student was given a warning to “not draw any more cartoons and illustrations” and to focus only on the material being offered.  Offended by this constraint and being an artist in the blooming stage of his expression as an adolescence, he drops out of New World and attends Miami Beach Senior High school.

Over the course of his high school years he was involved in several projects such as Art In Public Places, charity works for local churches, art contests, legal city government  projects (although known to dabble in not-so-legal projects in graffiti), and worked on his personal portfolio.

He received several high recognitions such as being awarded a Silver Knights Award of Arts in 1996, acknowledgement from the City of Miami Beach mayor Seymour Gelber for Community Involvement in the Arts, and was acknowledged by the American Legion for his volunteer work with Veterans.

After high school, he immediately received a scholarship for the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and pursued a degree in Graphic Design and Animation.  He began working soon after for a graphics design firm in Miami Beach and has been doing Graphic Design, Web Design, and hand paintings ever since.  His works have been featured in Ocean Drive magazine, upscale hotels, and from 1995-2005 has only created paintings for his personal clientele.

After a seven year hiatus from painting after his mother passed away in 2004,  and with motivation from people around him, A. Mor. is back to painting and ready to let some of his paintings breath with his new series titled “Cube: Symbols and Meanings”.  He aspires to use this series to raise money to support several of his causes such as Recycling and promoting a greener Earth, Art Education, and The Animal Humane Society.


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