In Progress Star Wars TFA and TLJ Supreme Leader Snoke Sneek Peak (unfinished) Diorama

Get ready because it’s almost finished! In progress, currently working on a handmade from scratch diorama of he who is known as The Supreme Leader, Snoke.

Plans are to finish this primer stage and then airbrush with satin coat to smooth it out.

Once dry, then onto hand-detail brush painting to create the highlights, accents, and tones.

Stay posted as the project progresses until the final result and unveiling.

Without revealing too much, Big surprise is still coming, but I will say you can expect different style for “lighting” than on previous dioramas, and a new hint of life-like features that will be sure to “move” your imagination!

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NEW (07-19-2017) Star Wars The Last Jedi movie photos from Disney’s Behind the Scenes Look!

New Star Wars The Last Jedi photos unveiled from Disney’s Behind the Scenes Look!! Analyzed here frame by frame in stills for your enjoyment! #thelastjedi #starwarsthelastjedi NEWbJuly 19 2017! These are NOT from the teaser trailer!

A look at the new movie, Star Wars The Last Jedi (unedited and raw) some of the new creatures from the #starwarsuniverse and other glimpses that make you wonder- 

who is this kid we have never seen, what happened to #kyloren that his mask looks like he caught the migraine from hell, 

-and why is #markhamill roasting with #r2d2 by the campfire making snores in front of the #millenium falcon !?!!

Of course there are also questions answered when we see Captain #phasma return, and #carriefisher (rip) also in The Last Jedi.

First look here and please fell free to leave comments to help answer some of the unanswered questions, and let’s hear what your theories are! May the force by with you!


#disney #disneystarwars #sneakpeek #starwars8

Catch the entire glimpse into the latest leaked footage from the December 2017 Upcoming Star Wars film The Last Jedi here:

Disney D23 Expo 2017 Stars The Last Jedi Panel Sneak Preview (not the first trailer)
Photo Credits: Disney 2017, Star Wars behind the scenes at Disney’s D23 Expo.

Non Traditional Holiday Nativity Scene Diorama Art – Disney meets Game of Thrones meets Elvis Presley meets Star Wars.

The number one question most asked when choosing this Christmas Nativity Scene….

Why that?  

For starters, Dory is a Disney  character and thereby directly bonded to the Star Wars universes.  

Being a non traditional Nativity Scene we had to include the Three Kings this year, starting with, Kylo Ren. Come on, he is basically a king of the First Order- which brings us to The King, himself, Elvis Presley.

A king penguin joins us as the third, and brings the baby penguin because he’s a modern penguin and totally about equal gender rights.

A glorious snapshot just moments post-miraculous alternate universe birth.  Most impressive.

Mother and child first bind together in eternal bonding while the afterbirth still flows fresh.

More pics coming soon – DIY knowledge and pro tips.

These photos are #nofilter originals (only one with text has a blur effects).

Color, light, grain, all raw camera skills with a little theatrical magic.


We will say the Gator displayed excellent restraint skills [being a special Florida guest] by not eating alternate universe baby Jesus.

He only went for the after birth  but was immediately distracted by the Holy Spirit making an entrance in full leopard skin tight pants and more jewelry than the queen of England.

– Now we know where he gets that shine from…..all that bling!

I will say, the Gators handler, Chewbacca, did keep him pretty fattened up throughout the entire photo shoot with vegetarian storm troopers.  Thanks, Chewy!

Flight of the Navigator Pet Alien, the Puckmarin

Puckmarin DIORAMA
Form: Legs and Feet.


For the feet – leather strips of different thickness were twisted to create finger-like extremities. They were then stuffed into the bottom of where ankles would be on its legs/body.  Secured with glue, three independent strips were used for each digit.


Next, plant shaping wire was wrapped tightly around the bottom and “fingers” along with more leather to shape the form of paws with a grip similar to a talon of some kind.


Finally, latex with a drop of quick dry hardener was brush-poured to begin filling in grooves and giving it a more life form feel.

This last step will be repeated until arriving at the correct thickness and shape. Not only will this allow it to be malleable, it will also make it semi mendable in the event of the need for restoration.

Be on the lookout for the next stages, coming soon.

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The Force Awakens (Kylo Ren) – Star Wars Diorama

Star Wars The Force Awakens has crushed it at the box office! In honor of the celebrations and for the fans, I have created 2 more dioramas from the movie.



Kylo Ren Forrest Scene
This scene is him alone. It is the scene where he appears briefly in a dream sequence to Rey. It was also first seen in the trailers and some of the promotional posters.
The background has a blueish glow creating a cold temperatured ambience feel, while a red glow shine around the red light saber and bounces off the trees and ground.
The base is 12 X 12 and it stands at 18″ in height. The trees are actual real trees;  a mix of North Carolina Blue Spruce and regular evergreen tree tops only (christmas trees)!
The snow is polymer flakes, small enough to float in the air.
It was out together in stages to allow epoxies and sealants to dry, and took 2 weeks.
The figuirine is Disney high detail action figures bought directly from Disney merchandise stores.


Rey and BB-8 Scene on Jakku


This is a small piece, great for work or a desk topper.
Its base measures 5 X 7 and is a simple diorama. Foam and wood base, with figurines stuck on and color-matched fine powder sand to mimic the same type in the movie. No background, no surrounding accessories, just a clean sandy path.

Extra Photos of the pieces in progress:










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