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UPDATE 08-09-2013 8:38AM – Today marks end of our Gicleé Reproduction campaign and we have raised a decent amount of funds to be able to give back to our contributors and still have some left for one small reproduction.

We were hoping to raise over $3,000 and and make close to 20 reproductions, but we landed far from that mark.

The reason for that specific mark was to  be able to pay for the scanning of 5 paintings (equal to $500, one-hundred dollars for each digitization) and print 2-4 of each (roughly $1,500 due to the different sizes).  With the remainder of the funds, we would then be able to create quality card stock prints ( around 5 of each) ranging in size, from letter to poster, and have them professionally matted, and shrink-wrapped.

With the digital scans of the work, we would have then been able to print stickers, postcards, create promotional materials like shirts and flyers, and finish off the remainder of the funds buying new rolls of canvas, brushes, and paints for a new series.

Although we are entirely grateful for each and every one who lent a hand, we cannot help to notice the gap between the amount of funds we raised and what we needed.  Due to this fact, I am going back to the drawing board [no pun intended] and re-evaluating our plan so that we can hit this goal.

Thank you, each and everyone, for your contributions to this campaign.  If you have any suggestions on how we could’ve improved this campaign, or would like to comment,  reach out, or give us advice on how we could have made this better- please feel free to comment on this post, email me at my email, or call me.  Your guidance is more valuable than anything.

Your items will be ready in 4-6 weeks and I will reach out to you, personally, when I am ready to ship or deliver them in about 8 weeks!

Onward & Upward………

Thanks, again!!


JUNE 2013

We have officially  launched our IndieGOGO fundraiser campaign.

We have gone LIVE to raise awareness for local art and to try to raise fund for our work.  By donating to our campaign, you get a really great reward.  It’s one of the only fundraising campaigns that I have heard about where the contributor receives a reward of equal to the value of their contribution!

Please take a moment to stop by and read our compelling story.  We are hopeful that we will reach our goal and would like to continue to contribute back to the community- but it can only be done, with your support.

Please, spread the word…. Tweet and Re-Tweet this, Like this, Share this on your Facebook, email this link- any help you can provide in spreading awareness of this campaign will be greatly appreciate it!


A. Mor. Giclee Reproduction and Future Work Campaign


A. Mor. Campaign 2013

Help support local art and spread the word!

Help support local art and spread the word!


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