Influential Women Paintings Series – by A. Santiago A. Mor.

Displayed at LMNT – Miami, Florida

Greta Garbo.  Jean Harlow. Louise Brooks.  Mabel Norband. Joan Crawford. Who were these women and why are they part of this series?

Focusing on one – “Jackie” – is part of a series of paintings of Influential and Powerful women.  I wanted to capture a sense of inspirational ponderous thinking.  Women have come a long way in the fight for equal rights in many aspects of life.

In in spite of women’s achievements, they still are in the middle of the confrontational efforts which have empowered them through the ‘feminists movement’ without a clear and final destination.  In our never-ending quests to reach a state of happiness and fulfillment, we sometimes forget what it takes to get there and the importance of a clear destination.

Regrettably and sadly, the younger generation of women, embedded by birth in the fabric of an already developed, yet outdated movement, have only followed the shepherd which leads them to the promise land to arrive at a sense of accomplishment- blindly.

The meaning of these paintings and the intention is to move all people and remind them of a once-encouraged grace in women which many have lost by default, and not by their own doing, rather by the movement which no longer holds the barrier it used to.

You see, by declaring that women have no equal rights, we are telling our minds that our default state is women not having equal rights.  The ‘outdated’ reminder I want to instill in the younger generation of women is the maturity of realizing a sense of awareness only older women possess.

Through these visual reminders, ripe women observe with wonder and reminiscence of how long they have come- but with mindfulness that they already arrived.

Through these visual reminders, developing women can observe what greatness women have been able to already achieved, yet, not at the risk of grace or prestige.

The feminist movement has ran its course, and much like the outdated and primitive nature of the chauvinists and archetypal  “macho” man, it is time to retire the gloves. To my point- much like the male stereotypical dysfunctions have created a new breed of men who either are overly ‘in touch with their feminine side’ or far tipped to the other side of the spectrum, the feminists movement is not without its casualties as well.

By sifting through the fallout in the aftermath of these two colliding worlds, it is with profound emotion that I motion to move to a new generation of men and women- where a man can be a man and a woman can be a woman, equal, yet act the part without scrutiny, lack of self-esteem, doubts, and most importantly…without thinking that if a woman just wants to be a woman, that they somehow are inferior.  Questioning one’s own natural traits and trying to emulate the opposite gender – or being offended if one tries to describe or be told  “what is a woman” or “what is a man” – is the destructive root cause which  started the war between Man and Woman in the first place.

Perhaps the faces of these influential women in the paintings can serve as a supple fruit which younger women have not acquired a taste for -yet.

One can look at the faces of these women, and see struggle, pain, or even tragedy.

Yet, one can also look at them as positive role models which helped shape and shift the tides in the women’s equal rights movement- but with one key component forgotten in this generation of millennials and mis-guided children of unmotivated feminists unwilling to to school the child and only giving them the pamplhet of feminism and sending them off to educate themselves, in todays world.

That component is that greatness has already been reached, and only women that think it has not been reached only enable themselves and others that the default state o mind if unfulfilled, unhappy, unsatisfied, or unheard.

With a graceful smile and wine glass in hand, much more developed women stare at the faces in the paintings while not forgetting that they may rise yet still be a woman, what ever that is before the boundary of their femininity is breached, with grace, beauty, and pride in being Women- their default state being one of already-reached and satisfied that their voices will no longer be disregarded but silent in the shade and comfort of sex, beauty, angelic behavior, motherly, and pleasant to be around.

It is regrettably the aloof thinking of younger women, who still have yet to find the delicate balance, where yes, they can belch outloud, yes they know their way around a saw or under the hood of a car, and yes they earn the same if not more than men (and that is common) but, without thinking that they must adopt some traits of men in order to arrive at the destination of equality to them.  Without ‘being’ like men, and thereby not shifting the balance of nature as they penetrate their imposed will into the boundary of the other sex to proclaim their place in it.

In today’s world, gender boundaries have been obliterated, and their is much beauty and comfort in this, but, the byproduct  has been detrimental. The faces in the paintings remind both sexes who they are, who WE are.  Now, as men push to admit and prove to women that they have a feminine side, a new battle is arising. One where a man’s feelings are shared and emotions are broadcast, and it is the misguided byproduct of the feminist movement who adamantly encourage men to advocate and follow them, yet,  in their relationships with men, they discourage following or see chivalry as an insult- only because their default state is one of trying to hard. Even worse, younger women plead to their lovers and male friends to listen and publicly advocate for them all the while in private they chastize “whiny” or vocal men, leave confused men, abandon men trying hard to figure out how these hardened girls (who use so much energy trying to be like men that it leaves them incapable of maintaining a reserve to love men), can be sustained with so many infused views and skewed values. Now, due to the fallout of the radical feminists,  women want a man be their muse, but if they are “manly” they are brutes and insensitive, while if they are feminine to a certain degree they are weak and not “man enough” for them.  What tragedies we leave behind of doings for such wars.

Men are just trying to be more in-tuned with their femininity awareness and are trying to be like women in order to find how they can relate and give them what they wanted, to be equals.  Shockingly, women don’t want that- and isn’t that what women fought against men for as they proclaimed their declarations of wanting to be heard and being seen as equals?

This is why all the women in these paintings, while having style and grace, are women who were involved in some type of tragedy- that is the essence of this series.