Trapped in Another Dimension with Audrey Hepburn by A. Mor.

Audrey Hepburn mixed media painting.  On display at Wakeupstar in Wynwood, Miami, Florida

Audrey Hepburn mixed media painting. On display at Wakeupstar in Wynwood, Miami, Florida

Presenting a new painting from the “Cube” series by A. Mor.

“Trapped in Another Dimension with Audrey Hepburn”, which has already been viewed at RAW Artist’s sponsored event Kaleidoscope at LMNT gallery, will now be living under WakeUpStar Studio’s roof.

This will be our 2nd stop in Miami’s Art District in 2 months! Our first showing was only a one-night showcase, and now it’s time to spread across the map. It will be living at this wonderful upbeat young gallery from July 28th through September 7th 2013.

Come join the vibe at MIami’s Wynwood gallery, WakeUpStar, for their new season kickoff. The party is all day Sunday, July 28th, from 11am – 11pm.

#WakeUpWynwood Event
120 NW 25TH ST
MIAMI, FL 33127
July 28 – 29

For "Portals" exhibit.

For “Portals” exhibit.


Pods and Nets

Copyright 2012-2013 A.S.M. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2012-2013 A.S.M. All Rights Reserved.

Puzzle beams emanate from the bottom of vessels in what looks to be two cubes floating in dark space.  The theory of nets, which is explained in the explanation of cubes and symbols post, is present in this artwork.  Not only do we see the “mother ship” of a net,  the cube, but we see two pods with a beam of net patterns coming down from each one.

The piece measure 20″ X 16″ and is acrylic with top coat of varnish for sealant and protective finish.

“Billie Dearest”

Copyright 2012-2012 A.S.M. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright 2012-2012 A.S.M. All Rights Reserved.

“Billie Dearest”

Painting in the same style as the one called “The Crossings”.  Here we see the huge Hollywood motion pictures icon, Joan Crawford, star of MGM from the 20’s and onward, and later signed on with Warner Bros.  She became a symbol of modern 1920s-style femininity, an idealized vision of the free-spirited, all-American girl.

We capture a moment in the life of a woman who’s path took many different turns, from Hollywood gold to “box office poison”.  In her prime, she is seen in the limelight as a powerful and gorgeous figure of grace and style while shrouded in real life by tragic marriages and tell-all books of accusations of physical and emotional abuse, written by one of her adopted children titled “Mommie Dearest”.

Again we see the intersecting lines representing the crossroads in life and the journey ones take, the daring and fearless embracing as one steps into the unknown, and the chaos around it.  The figures in the painting remain serene and in their “own world” regardless of the surroundings, filling us with the impression of calmness and collective temperament.

“Billie Dearest” is given from the reference to the end of Joan Crawford’s life reputation, from the book her adopted child wrote, and from the beginning of her life, as she preferred the nickname “Billie” as a child and she loved watching vaudeville acts performed on the stage of her stepfather’s theater.  Thereby, this title is one chosen as a fair label which covers her lifespan, neither bias nor unbiased to her reputation’s ups and downs.

The painting measure 20″ X 16″ and was created in Acrylic, with a varnish gloss seal, not framed.

“Grounded” from Cube Series

All Rights Reserved A.S.M. 2012-2013

2′ X 18″ Acrylic Mixed Media

This painting took many different alterations until the final vision came to life.  Boasting a taste of a memory being trapped in some other dimension, it holds the bond of Male and Female inside the cube form.  A blank face represents the UN-written fate and destiny of man and woman, while another face of the cube holds a moment in time.  Suspended from the rest of the plateau, the hexagonal form sparks a bolt which splashes from within the base of the cube as a symbol of being “grounded” although disconnected from any material.

“The Crossings” – Cube Series

"The Crossings"

Silent film starlets adorn this piece with a splash of chaos and sparkle.  We see the theory of “nets”,  which is explained in the post of the Cube Series’ original concept sketch, represented by the crossword puzzle.  The expression on the top image of the woman is one of fear and worry, an emotion of crossing into the unknown with caution and suspicion.  While at the bottom of the painting we see a rested and conformed image of a woman in a more relaxed pose; one of confidence and settlement after crossing over chaos and the unknown.

Media is 29″ X19.5″,  mostly acrylic with some varnish, and is already framed in a dark walnut brown with a 3″ thick border.